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Sciatica specialist located in Brandon, FL

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve — the body’s longest nerve — becomes inflamed and painful. At the NeuroSpine Center, exemplary neurosurgeon Phillip Henkin, MD, offers a comprehensive array of sciatica treatments in the Tampa, Florida, office. Dr. Henkin provides personalized recommendations and supports you in choosing the right treatment for you. Book your consultation today online or call the office to make an appointment.

Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is sciatic nerve inflammation. The sciatic nerve stretches from your spinal cord down the end of each leg. Sciatica is very common, afflicting about 4 in 10 Americans at some point.

What kind of pain does sciatica cause?

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can cause symptoms anywhere along its pathway. But the most common experience is a sharp pain that radiates from the lower back through the hip and down one leg. Sciatica can also cause issues like:

  • Leg weakness
  • Tingling
  • Dull ache
  • Burning
  • Numbness

Sciatica describes these problems in the lower body. But they can also appear in the cervical spine (the neck). Pain or other discomfort radiating from the neck to the arm is called cervical radiculopathy.

Why do I have sciatica?

Pressure or lumbar nerve root compression causes sciatica, and the most common source of this pressure is herniated discs. When fluid from the disc leaks into the spinal canal, it can touch the sciatic nerve and cause severe irritation.

Bone spurs, tumors, and other growths can exert similar pressure on the sciatic nerve with the same results. Spinal stenosis narrowing of the spinal canal often related to aging is a common cause of sciatica.

People who struggle with extra weight are more likely to develop sciatica. Diabetes is another risk factor because it causes nerve damage.

Does sciatica require surgery?

Sciatica doesn’t typically require surgery. Rest, physical therapy, and conservative medication are often effective. Some patients might need corticosteroid injections or other interventional pain management.

If your symptoms continue to affect your quality of life or prevent you from being active after trying non-operative measures, Dr. Henkin might recommend minimally invasive spine surgery. He’s the most experienced spine surgeon in town and highly adept in using advanced tools and techniques that reduce recovery time, pain, and infection risk.

Most sciatica surgeries, for example, disc removal (discectomy) and spinal decompression (laminotomy), require an incision only about an inch long. Sciatica procedures can permanently eliminate your symptoms without requiring prolonged downtime to recover.

Sciatica is a nerve problem, so an elite neurosurgeon is the best expert to consult when you want results. With decades of proven results, Dr. Henkin is Tampa’s leading minimally invasive spine surgery specialist. Call the NeuroSpine Center office now or book your consultation online.